NIRF - 2024

Ranking promotes competition among the Universities and drives them to strive for excellence. The rankings assume significance as the performance of institutions has been linked with the “Institutions of Eminence” scheme. 

Higher Educational Institutions currently placed in the top 500 of Global Rankings or top 50 of the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) are eligible to apply for the eminence tag. Institutions with the eminence tag would be allowed greater autonomy without having to report to the University Grants Commission (UGC). They would be able to admit foreign students and recruit faculty from abroad and follow a flexible course and fee structure to enable them to vault to the ranks of the top Global Institutions.

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) was launched on 29th September 2015 by MHRD and announced the NIRF India Rankings to Higher Educational Institutions continuously. In view of the importance being given to the NIRF India Rankings, Institutions' participation in the NIRF India Ranking process is increasing year after year.

An institution’s position in NIRF India rankings is a key element for collaboration of Industry, funding Agencies, Research Organisations and Government Departments

The parameters used for NIRF Ranking broadly cover:

1. Teaching, Learning & Resources

2. Research and Professional Practice

3. Graduation Outcomes

4. Outreach and Inclusivity

5. Perception

Workshop Overview

National level Workshop on NIRF India Rankings 2024

In the present scenario of Globalization, University/Higher Education Institutions need to have a new and forward-looking Vision to become institutions of Global Excellence and prepare their students for a world in which cyber-physical systems are ubiquitous across all industries if they are to continue to produce successful graduates.

IAE in collaboration with the Department of Collegiate Education & Technical Education, Govt. of Telangana conducting National level workshops since 2019 and created awareness of the NIRF Framework in more than 1000 Higher Educational Institutions (HEI)& Health Science Institutions so far.

Now, announcing the 5th National Level Workshop on NIRF India Rankings 2024.


    1. To understand the innate value of the data.

    2. To ensure data consistency.

    3. To get clarifications on queries and apprehensions on NIRF parameters.


    Technical sessions are designed to cover the following:

    1. NIRF - Overview and Significance

    2. Methodology and Metrics of the NIRF

    3. Guidelines and data requirements for Data Capturing System (DCS) 

    Technical Sessions

    1. NIRF - Overview and Significance-keynote address 

    2. Methodology and Metrics of the NIRF ranking framework

    3. Observations from NIRF 2023 Rankings

    4. NIRF India Rankings 2023 - RANK Analysis

    5. Case studies from NIRF 2023 Institutions

    6. Action plan & Suggestions for data uploading

    7. Quality enhancement measures to enhance the scores of

    • Teaching Learning & Resources (TLR)
    • Research and professional practice (RPC)
    • Graduate Outcomes (GO)
    • Outreach and inclusivity (OI) 
    • Peer perception (PR)

     8. Data Capturing System (DCS) - Guidelines and data requirement 

     9. Open forum discussions

Who can Participate?:

    Management / Principal / Dean / Head of the Department from Engineering Colleges and Degree Colleges.

    Vice chancellor / Registrar / Rector / Directors and senior Academic Administrators from Universities.


    3 Members (1 Coordinator + 2 Participants)
    For every additional Participant Rs.2,500/-

    Note: GST @ 18% 

    » FREE Subscription to the NIRF Data Analyzer Software Tool.

    » 25% Discount can be availed by Government Institutions.

Last date for registration - "10-Nov-2023"


22nd &23rd November 2023


10-00 AM - 05-00 PM



Who can Participate

Management, Principal & Sr. Faculty

  • Universities
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Management Institutions
  • Medical Colleges
  • Law Colleges
  • Pharmacy Colleges
  • Architecture Colleges
  • Degree Colleges
  • Agriculture Colleges


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