The prospective plan for Academic & Financial Healthiness of the Institution.

    Ranking, Accreditation and Grade of the Institutions is perceived as a very important parameter for industry Collaboration, and to get Research Funding. 

    The scores of Median salary, Research Grants, Paper publications, IPR & Patents parameters are used for assessing the Institution performance and to award the grade in NAAC Accreditation and rank in NIRF India Rankings. 

    The Industry is keenly looking up to the educational institutions, which has A+ grade in NAAC accreditation, to forge into collaborations for student internships & placements and referring NIRF rank as the yardstick to offer package ranges for that institution.

The Workshop:

    To present the best  academic framework models of universities &Higher Education Institutions, Institution for Academic Excellence (IAE) in collaboration with Commissionerate of Collegiate & Technical Education Govt. of Telangana organizing 2nd National Level Workshop on Curriculum framework.


    The workshop intends to provide latest information and give guidance to the faculty members / Head(s) of the Department and the Directors / Placement Officers at Career Development Centers in the universities and Higher Education Institutions offering B.Tech, BA, BBA, B.Sc., B.Com. and PGDM/MBA Courses.


    Faculty awareness and orientation for

    Industry Revolution, IR 4.0 and Education 4.0

    The institutions have to Give Guidance to the faculty members / Head(s) of the Department and the Directors / Placement Officers at Career Development Centers on Incorporation of Technologies for Academic Management and Quality improvement and leveraging the technology to enhance the institutional experience and provide orientation on

    • Current Trends in placements, opportunities in education & job world.

    • Conduct orientation programs preparing Prospective layout for Academic Management and Quality improvement.

    • Provide training in Curriculum design & deliver mechanism and evaluation methods.

Industry Revolution, IR 4.0 and Education 4.0 -The game changers in the academic and career world:

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution IR 4.0 rapid change to technology, industries, and societal patterns and processes in the 21st century due to increasing inter connectivity and smart automation.

    There were nine pillars of Industry 4.0 when it was first announced: cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things, Big Data, 3D Printing, Robotics, Simulation, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security.

    The fundamental shifts are taking place in how the global production and supply network operates through ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology, large-scale machine-to-machine communication (M2M), and the internet of things (IoT). This integration results in increasing automation, improving communication and self-monitoring, and the use of smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention.

    Education 4.0 is a technique of learning that is connected with the fourth industrial revolution and focuses on transforming the future of education through advanced technology and automation. Smart technology, artificial intelligence and robotics are part of this industrial revolution.

Steps for enhancement of Student Career Development…:

    The holistic development of the student is achieved by sensitizing the teachers and recognizing, identifying and encouraging the unique abilities of the students in academic and non academic spheres.

    The Universities & Higher Education Institutions have to train them for a world in which cyber-physical systems are ubiquitous across all industries and the faculty members need to be informed the latest trends in Career & Higher Education areas.

    The Institutions have to adopt progressive Curriculum, usage of new and innovative Pedagogical tools, adoption of technology in Assessment and Grading process, outcome-based teaching-learning, foundational technical training and incorporate Technologies for Academic Management and Quality improvement and leveraging the technology to enhance the institutional experience.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (CDC) For Collaboration & Networking:

    The career centers at Universities & Higher Education Institutions Acting as a resource centre for career information, guidance and counseling with free accessibility and internet based global connectivity and exchange of information on professional placements.

    • Visualizes to educate and equip students to become career minded through educational opportunities and resources that will enhance their understanding of career exploration, planning, preparation and development.
    • Supporting students in shaping and managing their careers by building in key ingredients required for them to be a complete professional and hone their personality.
    • Develop strategies for an inclusive, structured, focused and continuous approach to empower the students to aspire, explore, understand, decide, plan and execute personal, educational and vocational road maps based on real world scenarios.
    • Provide key career development services and resources to enhance the academic process of learning that will lead to career planning and goal setting for all students.
    • Linking students with Job & Careers through Counseling & Training.

Courses Covered:

    Sl.No. B.Tech. Courses
    Degree Courses Management Courses
    1 Computer Science and Engineering
    B.A. MBA
    2 Information Technology
    B.Com. PGDM
    3 Artificial Intelligence
    4 Internet of Things
    5 Data Science

    6 Cyber Security

    7 Electronics & Communication Engineering

    8 Mechanical Engineering

    9 Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    10 Civil Engineering

Resource Persons:

    Industry Experts, Vice Chancellors, Directors, Eminent Professors acted as Chairman of Committees for NAAC, NBA Accreditation Process, Dean Academics etc., will be the Resource Persons to address the participants and present the innovative methods and best practices / initiatives those can enhances the career & Job prospects of the students and share their knowledge & experience in preparing the curriculum framework for the academic year 2023-24.


    1. Demonstration of Successful models in profiling the Institution to approach the industry and Govt. Agencies.

    2. Best practices in Curriculum design & delivery mechanism and Evaluation Methods.

    3. Latest trends in Career & Higher Education areas.

    4. New Technologies and New age courses.

    5. Latest technologies for Academic Management and Quality improvement.

    6. Best practices for strengthening  Career Development canters.

    7. Key insights of industry 4.0 and education 4.0.

    8. Clarification for queries.

Topics for Discussion:

    1. A New and Forward-looking Vision- To become Institution’s of Global Excellence

    2. Curriculum Framework a prospective plan for Academic & Financial Healthiness of the Institution

    3. Interaction with industry HRs

    • The Current Trends in Campus Placements.
    • Emerging Technologies and New Age Courses.

    4. Technologies for Academic Management and Quality improvement.

    5. Guidelines for the curricula design and delivery Mechanism.

    • UGC model curriculum, AICTE Model curriculum, NEP 2020 –Multiple Entries and Multiple Exits, Academic Bank of Credits.

    6. Academic Planning and implementation strategies in Course Sequencing and Credit distribution.

    7. Career Development Center’s Role in Profiling HEI for collaboration& networking .

    8. Steps to enhance career & Job prospects.

    9. Open forum Discussion - Q&A

    *Tentative Schedule – Topics for Discussion 

Who Can Participate?:

    Management / Principal / Dean / Head of the Department from Engineering Colleges and Degree Colleges.

    Vice chancellor / Registrar / Rector / Directors and senior Academic Administrators from Universities.

Participation Fee:

    5 Members (1 Coordinator + 4 Participants)
    For every additional Participant Rs.2,500/-

    GST @ 18% Extra

Last date for registration - "31-Jan-2023"


09th &10th March 2023


10-00 AM - 06-00 PM




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#3-6-692, Street No.12, Himayathnagar,
Hyderabad - 500029, Telangana.
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