The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 states that quality enhancement and sustaining is the need of the hour; this enhances the role of NAAC and other regulatory agencies tremendously. NAAC Accreditation framework is one of the methods widely used for performance assessment of HEIs to transform themselves as knowledge hubs.


    The University Grants Commission has mandated every institution to get NAAC accreditation with a minimum scope of 2.5 by 2022. According ‘PARAMARSH: an UGC Scheme for Mentoring NAAC accreditation Aspirant Institutions to promote Quality Assurance in Higher Education’ has been introduced for mentoring NAAC Accreditation aspirant institutions and to promote quality assurance in Higher Education.


    Higher Educational Institutions having a valid accreditation by the NAAC with a minimum score of 3.26 on a 4-point scale shall be permitted to offer program(s) in open and distance learning mode without the prior approval of the commission and upon satisfying the other condition mentioned by UGC.

About Workshop

    Transformation through NAAC ACCREDITATION PROCESS - National level Workshop is for Higher Educational Institutions & Health Science Institutions to make NAAC Accreditation Process easy by providing a comprehensive Step by step rundown.

    Bring awareness and present critical insights into all the seven criteria of NAAC

    Give guidance for SSR preparation, insight and in-depth knowledge of the DVV process

    Present some of the best practices followed by top graded institutions and suggest measures for overall quality enhancement, institutional growth.

    Explain the procedure to be followed and precautions to be taken during peer committee visit.



     To promote the following core values among the HEIs of the Country

     Contributing to National Development.

     Fostering Global competencies among Students.

     Inculcating a value system among students.

     Promoting the use of Technology

     Quest for Excellence.

Technical Sessions:

    Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF) of NAAC 2020 Format

    Universities, Autonomous and Affiliated Colleges for NAAC Assessment and Accreditation
    Health Science Institutions - Medical Colleges / Dental Colleges / AYUSH Colleges / Nursing Colleges
    • NAAC Overview - Insights of seven criteria of NAAC
    • 1. Curricular Aspects
      2. Teaching-learning & Evaluation
      3. Research, Innovations & Extension
      4. Infrastructure & Learning Resources
      5. Student Support & Progression
      6. Governance, Leadership & Management
      7. Institutional Values & Best Practices

    • Document Preparation for Qualitative metrics
    • Data Submission for Quantitative metrics
    • Implementation of NEP Parameters in to HEI'S
    • a. Multidisciplinary / interdisciplinary
      b. Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)
      c. Skill Development
      d. Indian knowledge system
      e. Outcome based Education
      f. Distance Education / Online Education

    • SSR Submission - Case Study experiences from NAAC Accredited Institutions
    • Interaction with Peer Team Members
    • The Role of IQAC in Institution Development Plan.
    • • Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) - Methodology - Challenges and Solutions

    • Institution preparedness for NAAC Assessment and Accreditation – Case Study Experiences.
    • Practice session on NAAC Score Analysis
    • Q&A Session
    • Overview - Insights of seven criterial of NAAC.
    • Curriculum Aspects.
    • 2Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
    • Research, Innovation and Extension
    • Case study experiences from NAAC Accredited Institutions
    • Infrastructure and Learning Resources
    • Student Support and Progression
    • Governance, Leadership & Management
    • Part-B
    • Institutional Values and Best Practices
    • Institution preparedness for NEP
    • 1. Transforming HEIs into Multidisciplinary Institution
      2. Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)
      3. Skill Development
      4. Indian knowledge system
      5. Outcome based Education
      6. Distance Education / Online Education

    • Q&A Session




    Universities Medical Colleges
    Engineering Colleges Dental Colleges
    General Degree Colleges Nursing Colleges*
    Pharmacy Colleges* Yoga and Naturopathy Colleges*
    Law Colleges* Homeopathy Colleges*
    Hotel Management Colleges* Physiotherapy Colleges*
    Teacher Education* Ayurveda Colleges*
    Business Schools* Allied Health Science Colleges&

    * Institutions marked with '*' may not have separate category wise sessions.


    Higher Educational Institutions / Health Science Institutions 

    1. Applying for NAAC Assessment and Accreditation (A&A)



    Category Registration Fee No. of Days - Date - Time
    NAAC Assessment and Accreditation

    Rs. 5,000/- for 2 Participants

    (1 Coordinator + 1 Participant)

    Rs. 12,500/- Rs. 10,000/- for 5 Participants

    (1 Coordinator + 4 Participant) (20%OFF)

    2 Days

    Date: 30th & 31st October 2023

    Time: 10AM - 5PM


    1. GST extra @ 18%

    2. Extra Participant will be charged @ Rs.2500 /-.

    3. Government Colleges can avail 25% discount in participation fee.

Last date for registration - "30-Sep-2023"


30th & 31st October 2023


10-00 AM - 05-00 PM




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