Prof. Krishan Kumar Sharma

Vice Chancellor and Dean Faculty of Science, MDS University, Ajmer, Rajasthan.


Former Vice Chancellor MDS University Ajmer-305009 Rajasthan, India

Date of Birth 1st January, 1954

Started career as researcher in Rajasthan University Jaipur in August 1977 as JRF CSIR and selected as permanent faculty as Assistant Professor (1979) in Rajasthan University, Jaipur, Associate Professor (1990) and Professor (1995) MDS University Ajmer, by open selection. Knowledge of German and French Languages.


Major Research contributions

First Report (co author Prof. I.A. Niazi, India) (i) that Vitamin A induces limb regeneration in adult frogs and retinoid induced developmental pluripotency (ii) that vitamin A alters gene expression during PD duplication (co author Prof. H.J. Anton) that Vitamin A influences wound epithelium during regeneration. (Co authors Prof. S. Koussoulakos, Greece). Confirmed that mammals too possess regenerative ability of finger tips.
First comprehensive documentation of distribution and Molecular Taxonomy of herpetofauna in the Thar and nearby Aravalli ranges of Rajasthan, India. NCBI (Gene Bank, USA) has released 105 DNA sequences (12 S, 16 S DNA sequences, H4 and Cytochrome-b genes).

Designed recycling distillation technique that saves gallons of water during distillation processes.

Proposed sonotaxonomy for taxonomic identification of animals and their monitoring based on sound. Development of Artificial finger non electrical and non-motorized is under the process. Developed digital alternatives for replacement of animals in Life Science Teaching and worked as team member in the Dorencamp Foundation at the Bhartidasan University Trichurapalli.

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