Prof. Panchanan Das

Professor and Head, Department of Economics University of Calcutta.

Panchanan Das is a Professor of Economics teaching Time Series and Panel Data Econometrics at the Department of Economics of the University of Calcutta since 2013 as a permanent faculty. Prof. Das is a Convener of Ph.D. research Advisory Committee in Economics. He is also serving as a Director of the Centre for Urban Economic Studies, University of Calcutta as an additional duty. Development Economics, Indian Economics, and Macroeconomics are the broad research area of Prof. Das. He has done a lot of research by using Indian Official Statics. His publication on Econometrics titled Econometrics in Theory and Practice - Analysis of Cross Section, Time Series and Panel Data with Stata 15.1 by Springer, Singapore, is used popularly by researchers, practioners and students at Masters level. He has also published several articles on labour market issues, growth, inequality and poverty in referred journals and edited volume. He is a principal author of Economics I and Economics II, text books at the graduate level, published by Oxford University Press, New Delhi. He is a major contributor of West Bengal Development Report – 2008, published by Academic Foundation, New Delhi, in collaboration with the Planning Commission, Government of India. He has also contributed to the Routledge volume, Springer volume, Science and Technology volume of the CSIR.

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