Empowering Teachers for Quality Education

Empowering Teachers for Quality Education
Empowering Teachers for Quality Education

Strategies and Approaches is Edutech Training the Right Answer

The pandemic pushed the need for remote learning for students. Teachers, too, had to change their strategies to be relevant in their profession. Colleges and universities that continue to empower their teachers will rank higher as educational institutes. One way to honour teacher empowerment programs is to focus on edutech. It will be a dominant theme for capacity building for teachers.

Institute for Academic Excellence (IAE) always keeps its clients in touch with the new trends for innovative teaching approaches. As more edutech startups appear, they are helping professors ace their lectures. It is the need of the hour to navigate the disruptions developing in this sector.

Empowering Teachers for Quality Education
Empowering Teachers for Quality Education

Enabling edutech tools to deliver quality education

As students and teachers adopt hybrid models to complete their semesters, edutech startups are gaining importance. They are no longer overlapping traditional systems but erasing them completely with resources that blend with online classes. Teachers need to make the shift to make them available to students. Embracing the new programs requires training. College admins need to take it seriously to keep their faculty updated. Empowering teaching professionals and equipping them helps them to distribute the knowledge in the right manner. The faculty members are the architects of the young students. With the right qualifications, skills and tools, the curriculum is fit to be imparted by such professionals.

How do teachers benefit in the virtual environment?

EduTech startups recognize the need to help teachers conduct classes in the virtual classroom environment with success. So, how do they develop innovative teaching approaches?

  1. Helping teachers plan the class lectures with digital learning material.       
  2. Make sessions interactive so each student is involved.
  3. Understand how content is delivered remotely and effectively.
  4. Offer development courses for teachers to conduct online classes.
  5. Train to use technology set-up and platform.
  6. Explain flexible work duration to help students
  7. Connect with admin and prepare reports of the classes undertaken. 
  8. Educators can also collaborate with their peers and exchange notes.
  9. Create online assessment tasks to know students’ progress. 
  10. Learn various styles of teaching which are suitable and create a work-life balance.
Innovative teaching approaches in a virtual environment for teachers are beneficial

The National Education Policy (2020) already incorporates the importance of training teachers for quality education. To achieve 100% literacy, it is important to embrace the new systems. Edutech startups are already making a foray to help us achieve the targets for tech-based options.

What can college management do to accelerate the process of training?

It is important for all higher education institutions to take the necessary steps for teacher empowerment programs. This can be done by:

  • Creation of an incubation hub where teachers are trained by technology enablers.
  • Develop a platform/forum where new ideas can be exchanged to help students learn virtually.
  • Teachers can learn about assessment planning and try tools for enhanced teaching outcomes.

IAE is already assisting several higher education admins to increase capacity building for teachers. If your institution is yet to make the move, let us know. We could discuss about training of teachers for quality education. Eventually, it will help your college achieve better rankings.

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