Achieving Higher Rankings and Accreditations: A Strategic Roadmap for Institutions

Achieving Higher Rankings and Accreditations
Achieving Higher Rankings and Accreditations

There are several criteria for colleges and universities to get accreditations. But which are most important for higher rankings? It also takes time to get them at the right time. Without a strategic roadmap, it is an uphill task to master the standards for accreditation for institutions. So what are the fair chances of winning over students of good quality?

The Institute of Academic Excellence (IAE) is in the business of helping colleges to get NAAC Accreditation For Higher Education. With our consultancy services, many colleges have been able to construct a better roadmap to succeed.

The following post has been developed to help you understand how your college can also get higher rankings.

Changing needs of degree courses

A college degree is one of the most vital investments parents and students make in India. Today, the focus is not on gaining knowledge and being educated. Employability is vital as education is expensive. Colleges have to prepare students with knowledge, skills and life-learning processes. After passing, the students have to blend responsibly in society.

Pressure on performance and rankings

As awareness grows for higher-ranking institutions, the correct accreditations make them more reputable. Knowing about the process, each student now prefers to take admission if a college has a NAAC accreditation. It is not just for the process of admission such rankings matter. It is focused on the overall education being provided on the campus.

Strategic Roadmap for Institutions to achieve higher rankings
Strategic Roadmap for Institutions to achieve higher rankings

Strategic roadmap with professional consultancy

It involves a peer review in the strictest terms and maintenance of quality with resources and tools. To get the prestigious tag, NAAC Accreditation consultancy services are available. They have experienced people to pave a roadmap that can help them achieve the status and tag. Often, the process involves an independent review, which is recognised by the Education authorities.

They will assess the institute for the following parameters:

  1. Does the college have the necessary programs to help graduates and postgraduates prepare themselves in the fields/courses chosen?
  2. Do the teachers, professors and other faculty possess the right credentials to teach? Do they have the qualifications and skills to coach?
  3. Do the teachers, professors and other faculty possess the right credentials to teach? Do they have the qualifications and skills to coach?
  4. Does the college provide a robust infrastructure for students to learn? Are the resources adequate enough and updated?
  5. It is important to know how the faculty members are recruited and the criteria for student admissions are assessed.
  6. Following the best practices to meet all the standards of accreditation.
  7. Is the academic institution stable financially?
  8. Does it create burdens on the students and pay teachers and support staff on time? 

          Why are consultancy services required?

          The NAAC Accreditation for higher education is serious, and without a strategy, it is difficult for any college to get it. Consultancy services given by IAE provide a strategic roadmap for institutions.

          Our benefits:

          • We bring to the table our experience and knowledge.
          • Our firm has a proven track record to help get the rankings in an organic manner.
          • We have a customised approach for each college to meet their needs.
          • Our reputation and references are available for all before our experts are hired for the services.
          • We do not work in isolation but in collaboration with other members of the college. The entire journey is traversed with everyone.

          A mark of NAAC Accreditation For Higher Education provides value for any college. Any student will expect it before investing in the expenses. Are you keen on attracting the top talent pool and students? We can streamline and provide the roadmap.

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