Help do your students leverage career-connected education: Take the IAE route

Students leverage career-connected education
Students leverage career-connected education

The learning crisis has not yet ended for students despite the advent of online education. Enhancing the productive values of career-connected education calls for overhauling several departments. The Indian education system is still undergoing disruption. Most higher education institutions and universities are finding ways to engage students meaningfully. As the concept is new it cannot be done without external help.

Education institution consultants are required to ensure learning outcomes are satisfactory for youth and parental expectations. The Institute of Academic Excellence (IAE) offers advisory and programs for colleges and universities to augment the progressive nature of career-connected learning.

The key takeaway from this post is for admins and leaders to refocus on career-connected education at all levels. By assisting various academic institutes, our team has developed successful strategies to meet expectations.

Career-connect education for students
Career-Connect Education for Students

A teacher or professor is not just a human medium for transferring knowledge in-person (classrooms) or online. A learning-centric approach is workable using 4 points.

  1. Personalised teaching for students as they learn at a different pace.
  2. Career choices are always competency-based. Hence career connected education for students should focus on skills they can adapt. 
  3. Opportunity to teach anywhere, any time. Hybrid methods work better in comparison to only classroom or online periods.
  4. Encourage youth to have ownership with the learning outcomes.

Use of technology to leverage career-connected education transforms the outlook for placements once courses end. With the number of unemployed youngsters, the thrust now is on steady job opportunities. Acquiring knowledge in college is not sufficient. Companies look for better skills and competency when they hire young people. Employers have the onus on talent development and training. With job-ready recruits, career connected learning is critical. The focus now lies on:

  1. Provide meaningful credentials and experience.
  2. Invest in developing a workforce keeping pace of innovation.
  3. A well-designed approach ensures placements are worth the trouble for companies.
  4. Improving the quality of learning programs and practicality create win-win situations.
  5. Introduce a robust study-work system for growth and prosperity.
Transformational approach for career-connected learning
Transformational approach for Career-Connected Learning

It is important for colleges and universities to have a transformational approach and take help from educational institute consultants. They provide the necessary services to counter challenges academic institutes face today, especially the decline in new admissions. To counter the worrisome trend of instability, a flexible and practical approach is essential.

Taking advantage of education consulting services directly aids:

  • Health and performance of the college. 
  • It improves the reputation and credibility of faculty for study-work methodology.
  • Successful implementation helps to figure out operational challenges and embrace new trends.
  • Create an urgency for action and set targets with all departments for better career-connected learning.
  • Help students to complete education in uncertain times.
  • Accountability of coaches and professors helps in problem-solving
  • Keep tabs on all measurable outcomes.

Before the start of the new season, it is wise to make an assessment and take notes. Get in touch with us for career-related programs. This approach will also aid in getting higher rankings and accreditation for your institute.

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