Is your college providing distance or online education?

How can educational consultancy make it beneficial?

Distance and Online education are the two modes of learning opportunities available for an individual student to learn or to obtain a certificate/degree without physically going to a college/school. Online learning refers to virtually interacting with two or more people, irrespective of location or time. On the other hand, distance education is designed for students who cannot attend regular classes. Both have advantages, such as flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness, and challenges, such as a lack of interaction, internet connectivity issues, and communication gaps. Choosing between the two modes depends on individual learning styles and circumstances.

Why Hiring an educational consultant is important
Why Hiring an educational consultant is important

In the aftermath of the pandemic (Covid-19), Online education has become the desirable choice for students of all ages. As of 2022, the market value of Online education is at INR 361.88 Bn and it is expected to reach INR 837.11 Bn by 2028, demonstrating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.68% in 5 years. On the other hand, distance education plays a key role among working professionals and other students who cannot attend regular classes. However, both offer opportunities for personal growth and knowledge pursuit and it is individual circumstances and preferences before choosing the mode of learning methodology. With the right mindset, resources, and support, online and distance education can effectively achieve one’s educational goals.

The above circumstances have made organisations/institutions establish Online/Distance education centres as a part of the teaching support system the general teaching methodologies and part of the curriculum. Hence it became a mandate for all higher education institutions (HEI) to establish centres of Online education to improve their academics, admissions, student performance, ranking, and accreditation processes. In the development of a complete web-based online tutoring system for an institute, educational consultant support is important and the need of the hour.  

Educational consultants play a major role in the overall development of the institution by providing valuable suggestions and feedback to the educational professional, students, and their parents. The Indian higher education market is expected to witness a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.46% between 2024 and 2032. Based on the report given by the Investment consultant firm, the expected growth in the higher education market is $180 billion by 2035. For an individual institute of higher education, to improve or to raise their index of development or to be a part of national growth in higher education, the support of an Educational Consultant is necessary. After COVID-19, the role of educational institutions and the mode of teaching has changed totally as mentioned in the above paragraphs. These consultancies provide advisory services and help institutions understand the new trends and upcoming technologies in education.  They also support improving the institute’s peer performance in accreditation and ranking methodology at national and international platforms. Hence for all academic institutes, it has become crucial to hire an educational consultant to support the institute to develop an online education platform within the institute.

IAE holds its head high due to its pioneering capabilities and expert team to support institutes/colleges in establishing full-fledged distance and online education facilities for students. IAE provides meaningful and actionable inputs to refine the strategies, apply course corrections, and prepare a “road map” to further enhance ranking position, recognition, accreditation, and the grading process. With years of experience in offering solutions and strategies to higher education institutes across the nation, it could benefit your institution to provide better education to students through our services. 

  • Do you know that both older and younger professors bring the necessary change in the classroom: one with experience and the other with new ideas and technology?
  • Are you struggling with organisational difficulties in developing strategies to popularise your methods of teaching or any other operational area?

You are not alone in struggling in this field as both online and distance applications increase. As the student needs change so do that of the academic institutions. This is where the role of educational consultants is crucial. They can handle your queries and guide you to benefit from their knowledge.

Advantages of educational consultancy
Advantages of educational consultancy

Advantages of educational consultancy

Education consultancy firms handle and execute several useful programs. They are wide-ranging and account for the following:

  1. Creating the right online education degree college.
  2. Providing values for distance education and learning.
  3. Advisory services for faculty and instructors for higher education processes.
  4. Help explore new ideas for teaching with technology.
  5. Assist management in getting grants for new programs.
  6. Aid students and teachers for research programs for industries.
  7. Leveraging digital strategies for distance learning smoothly.
  8. Monitor analysis, needs, and performance management for improvement.
  9. Improve instructional design for college.
  10. Continuously develop faculty, student enrollment, and support for marketing channels. 

Several educational consultants have been teachers themselves and understand the values required for colleges to become self-reliant and reputed. They make a meaningful difference to the same institutions where they have studied in the past. Educational consultants are also passionate about how a student receives lectures from the faculty.

When colleges have distance learning or online education there are some perennial problems, and they require agile solutions. Advisory services from consultants provide the strategies to make changes. This is one way to stop drop-outs and students from leaving their studies mid-way.

An advisory role in the field of education helps to transform the degrees, curriculum, and method of instruction. Assessments are designed with experts to ensure there is a positive effect and impact on students. The right educational consultancy firm guides you for long-term success.

IAE has a team with diverse skills that help colleges fulfil their objectives of teaching students remotely. Our consultants can help in creating programs for written tests, and also oral skills to communicate better. Are you willing to take up the chance to increase the passing grades of your students?