Dr. Uma Garimella

Area Of Expertise : Administrative Processes
Years Of Experience : 35

Brief profile of Dr. Uma Garimella :

Dr Uma Garimella has 35 years of professional life spanning academics and industry. She coaches people Online through microstep program. Corporate training/retreats on topics like stress management, emotional intelligence, leadership, team dynamics, decision making, motivation, appraisals, productivity interest her as she has done such sessions at ITM Mussoorie and other DRDO labs.

Her latest assignment was professor at IIIT Sricity. She along with others, set up the academic and administrative processes. She taught Computer Science and life skills courses and was also Registrar-in-charge. In 2000 she lead MSIT program of the AP Government and implemented learning by doing, story centered learning and immersive learning methods. From 2007 for over a period of ten years she engaged herself in a variety of assignments as a part of Freelance training and Teacher’s Academy she founded and obtained the Cambridge diploma for Teachers and Trainers.

Her past work include:-

1. Mentoring and Training of faculty at Marian College Kuttikanam on Outcome Based Learning.

2. Training sessions in UGC Academic Staff College at JNTU and UoH on classroom management, use of IT, research methodology, designing assessments, Outcomes based Education, Lesson Planning, Six Thinking Hats, use of rubrics, etc for Orientation Courses and Refresher Courses 2008-2014.

3. Workshop on Curriculum Design, Assessment and Taking Tutorials, for Outcome Based Education at GMRIT, Rajam: March 2013, April 2013, July 2013, Feb 2014. Departmentwise material review and guidance.

4. Training programmes on leadership, negotiation, succession planning, emotional intelligence, performance appraisal for DRDO officers at Institute of Technology Management (ITM) at Mussoorie in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.

5. Guest faculty at Engineering Staff College of India, Hyderabad for pedagogy and needs analysis

6. Trained more than 3000 teachers and hundreds of students in schools and colleges on pedagogy, study skills and motivation 2007 to 2014

7. Mentored, trained and reviewed new course design as faculty at Enhance Edu, Centre for Education Technology and Learning Sciences, IIIT-Hyderabad. These were based on ‘learning by doing’ paradigm in various subjects like Information Security, Computer Aided Power Systems, Design for Testability, Data Warehousing, e-Governance, Data Structures and Java. These courses were to be offered on-line.

8. Long term project at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, where we started a Center for Faculty Development and Management. We introduced Outcome Based Education – even before NBA adopted it. I personally supervised and reviewed courses of almost 100+ faculty with course outcomes, assessments and teaching techniques; I trained them and also observed classes of a few of them.

9. Reviewed course content for Manipal Global Education for both on-line and distance education for BSc IT (more than 15 courses) – July 2012 – Sept 2013. Helped convert to on-line.

10. Evaluated the Technology courses at MCEME (Military College) at Secunderabad and recommended major changes to their maintenance philosophy (that requires these personnel), course content, delivery and assessment. The process involved poring through all their course files and syllabi, interviewing faculty, conducting in-person as well as on-line surveys of current and ex course participants, inspecting their facilities, researching current and future trends in Technology and Engineering for the Army and putting together all the ideas into a set of recommendations in 2010-11.

She is passionate about travel, driving solo across cities and writing some posts about these drives. Her recent Golden Quadrilateral Drive was the high point.

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